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Teenage Girl's Small Room Ideas With Green & Pink

    Why Green and Pink Work

    • If you take a look at a color wheel, you can see why green and pink are so decoratively compatible. Green and pink are complementary colors, meaning that they're found directly across from one another on the color wheel. Because you're dealing with a small room, considering using a light shade of green or pink on the walls. Dark paint absorbs light, making a room feel smaller, but light paint reflects light, giving the optical illusion that the room is more spacious.

    60-30-10 Rule

    • The ideal color palette is introduced to a room by utilizing the same 60-30-10 rule that professional decorators use. This rule says that 60 percent of a room should consist of one color. The walls will represent this 60 percent. The next 30 percent will be another color, found in furnishings like bedding, window treatments, carpeting and area rugs. The final 10 percent of color in a well-balanced room is found in the accents you bring into the space.

    Bedding and Window Treatments

    • Bedding with tiny pink and green flowers or subtle pink and green stripes will make the bed the star of the show. Mix your patterns by introducing shams, sheets and pillowcases in a slightly different pattern than the bedspread, or mellow it all out by using a solid color for all but one piece of the bedding. A simple Roman shade on the windows will add style to the decor without detracting from the bedding. Or a blind topped by a valance matching the bedding will work to tie the space together.

    Other Funishings

    • Add a third color as an accent shade to break up the drama of the green and pink. A neutral color like white or cream will make the other colors pop, giving them even more power. A darker or lighter shade of the green or pink that you have used in the room will make the space feel cozier. An area rug, throw pillows, textured throw blanket, picture frames, painted shelves, lampshade, wall molding, small canopy, tufted headboard or a small piece of painted accent furniture will properly introduce this final design color.


    • Green and pink are both calming colors, making them good choices for a bedroom. One thing that will help create a tranquil ambiance in your room is keeping it clutter free. An uncluttered room is less visually distracting and brings an automatic sense of calm to a space, which means not bringing anything into the room that you don't have a purpose for or a place to store. Clutter free also means clearing items away after you're finished using them so that all you see is the clean decor of the room.

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