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High School Biology Laboratory Tools

    Specimen Jars

    • A collection of glass specimen jars with preserved animal, reptile and amphibian animals and animal parts are the essential decor of the biology lab. When not dissecting the animals, lessons often revolve around becoming familiar with the creatures and their life cycles. A thoroughly equipped biology labs incorporates a large selection of animal specimens.

    Magnifying Tools

    • Magnifying tools include everything from hand magnifying glasses to a high-power electron microscope. The magnifying tools are used to examine animals and animal parts. Many basic observations require a simple magnifying glass. Students use high-powered microscopes to examine animal and plant tissue down to the cellular level.


    • A wide assortment of Pyrex jars, dishes, beakers, test tubes and flasks are also required in a biology lab. The containers find use in virtually every experiment. The heat resistant and shatter resistant glassware withstands high temperatures and can store specimens in subzero freezers.

    Dissection Tools

    • A basic biology lab includes knives, pokers and pointers, scissors and spatulas of all shapes and sizes. Students use these tools to investigate various creatures, which are dissected in the biology lab. Many labs keep these tools in a tool box so that students always have access to a full assortment.

    Safety Equipment

    • In any laboratory that contains potentially harmful or caustic chemicals, a complete selection of OSHA approved safety gear should be present. Safety equipment includes goggles, rubber gloves, first aid kits and emergency wash stations. School chemistry and biology laboratories also keep spill kits and hazardous waste removal bins in case of spills.

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