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10 Simple Steps To Improve Your Health

Many of us make decisions related to health, such as losing weight, quitting smoking or join the neighborhood health club. While it is common to set high goals, experts say that setting smaller goals could do more for our health.

'Small steps are achievable and are easier to fit into your daily routine,' says James O. Hill, Ph.D., Director, Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. 'They are less overwhelming than a major change, sudden.'

Here are 10 to try:

1. Failure to gain weight. Even if you just won a pound or two each year, the extra weight adds up fast.

2. Taking smaller steps. Use a pedometer to count your daily steps, then add 2,000, the equivalent of an extra mile. Keep adding measures, from 1,000 to 2,000 every month or so until you take 10,000 steps on most days.

3. Eat breakfast. They eat breakfast tend to weigh less and have better food in general. For filling and nutrition Lunches breakfast, whole grain Total top with slices of fresh fruit and low fat or skim milk.

4. Switch three servings of grains each day for the whole grain. If you're like the average American, who consumes less than one serving of whole grains per day.

5. Have at least a salad of vegetables each day. Eat a salad (low fat or fat free) is filling and can help you eat less during dinner. Furthermore, account for the five daily cups of vegetables and fruits.

6. Trim fat. Fat has a lot of calories and calories count. Buy lean meats, eat poultry without skin, switch to low-fat cheese, use a nonstick pan with just a little oil or butter.

7. Consider calcium by including two or three daily servings of low fat or skim milk or yogurt. Dairy calcium is good for bones and can also help you lose weight.

8. Downsize. The smallest of the bag, bottle or container, the less you will eat.

9. Losing just 5 to 10 percent of your current weight. The health benefits are enormous, lower blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides.

10. Keep track of your food. Record what you eat over the next couple of days and seeking common problem. Often, just writing things down can help you eat less.

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