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Four Tips For The First Date

For a lot of singles, first dates are times of great stress. For someone who's been out of the dating scene for a while it's especially so.

Not knowing what to say to a person you know next to nothing about can cause a lot of fear. Worry over rejection or of things going badly can also cause stress.

A great stress reliever is knowledge about what is expected of you on a first date. Here are some first date pointers:

1.) Going to a movie is not a good plan. Why is this? Because it's extremely hard to get to know someone when you're in a dark room where you can't have a conversation.

Still another reason is that it's dull and mundane. It's a cliche, everyone does this.

Dates that are based on some activity can be great fun. You could try wine tasting, skiing, an amusement park, hiking, a driving range, or going to a softball game. For a great outing you should find out what she likes to do.

You might want to eat out after the activity is over. Don't go to a super expensive or fancy restaurant as this makes it seem as if you're trying very hard to buy or impress her.

2.) Clean and attractive clothing are essential. Your date will be an uphill struggle if you make a bad first impression. The type of clothing you wear is decided by where you go and what you do on your date.

The first thing that women notice are your shoes, so wear a good pair.

3.) Please excuse me if this tip is obvious but there are many who are clueless about this: don't neglect personal hygiene. A shower or bath, shave, deodorant, cleaned teeth, and mouthwash are the basics. Don't let a case of nerves or time pressure make you omit this.

4.) It never hurts to do some thinking in advance about a general plan for your conversation. Many a boring date has come about from too many silences. Engage in small talk about something on her person or of something amusing or interesting about your surroundings.

Steer the conversation over to getting to know each other when the two of you are more comfortable. Learn about the points that you have in common by asking open ended questions and listening very carefully.

Give and take is necessary for a good conversation. Ask too many questions and the date becomes an interview. If she can't get a word in because you're talking too much then you've failed at establishing a connection with her.

Don't forget that nervousness will make a poor impression because she will take it to mean that you have no confidence. Being relaxed will make your date comfortable and thus make it easier to connect with her. Don't put yourself under pressure by worrying about how the date will turn out. Remember that you'll be with an interesting person, so enjoy yourself.

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