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The Top Technical Colleges in the World

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, first accepted students in 1865. With the help of natural scientist William Barton Rogers, the university was created to meet the needs of a more industrialized United States. Rogers pioneered the concept of the teaching laboratory, placing an emphasis on practical learning.

      The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a privately owned, independent coeducational institution. It has 34 departments. Some of the technical fields include aeronautics and astronautics, brain and cognitive sciences, electrical engineering, and computer science.

      Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      77 Massachusetts Avenue
      Cambridge, Massachusetts

    University of California, Berkeley

    • The University of California, Berkeley, was the first school founded in the University of California system. Started in Oakland, California, in1869, the school initially had almost 40 students and 10 faculty members. As of 2009, the school boasts over 30,000 students and over a 1,500 full-time faculty members, with over 500 part-time faculty members. At Berkeley, the flu virus was first identified, and vitamin E was first discovered, among other technical achievements.

      The almost 300 degree program fields at Berkeley include biophysics, aerospace studies and bioengineering, nuclear engineering, biochemistry, biostatistics, neurobiology, industrial engineering and operations research, and physics, just to name a few.

      University of California, Berkeley
      110 Sproul Hall
      Berkeley, California

    University of Tokyo

    • The University of Tokyo was started in 1877, and it initially had four departments: medicine, law, science and literature. Over the years, many departments were added, including an Institute for Spatial Information Science, the Institute for Industrial Science, the Graduate School for Frontier Sciences and the Institute for Solid State Physics. Like other high-caliber technical schools, the university has distinguished faculty members, including at least one Nobel laureate.

      The school also has humanities departments. In fact, new undergraduates are part of the College of Arts and Sciences for the first 2 years. This placement helps students to have a more well-rounded education.

      The University of Tokyo
      7-3-1 Hongo
      Tokyo, Japan
      Phone 81-3-38122111

    Stanford University

    • Founded by a wealthy couple who lost their only son to typhoid fever, Stanford University was founded in 1891. Unusual for its time, it was established as an independent and co-educational school. This was at a time when most universities were all-male and associated with a religious institution.

      Stanford boasts many technical programs housed at different schools. Such institutions include the School for Earth Sciences, which offers degrees in geological and environmental sciences and geophysics, among others. The School of Engineering offers studies in computer science, materials science and engineering, aeronautics and astronautics, engineering physics, and energy resources engineering, among other programs.

      Stanford University
      450 Serra Mall
      Stanford, California

    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

    • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology was founded in 1855, and it was initially called the Federal Polytechnical School. Many Nobel Laureates have been at the the Federal Institute either to study, teach or conduct research. Such notables include Wolfgang Pauli and Albert Einstein. Studies in the school include topics such as computer science, materials science and civil engineering.

      Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-Zurich
      Raemistrasse 101
      Zurich 8092
      Phone: 044-632-11-11

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