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The evolution of Search Engines and process of Search Engine Optimisation

<div style="text-align: justify;">Search engine optimization can be considered to be combination of two words search engine and optimisation. In the early age of internet development numbers of website over the internet was quite limited but as Number of sites on internet increased it was quite difficult for a user to remember all the useful resources. In such a situation there was a Sharpe need of proper data base management related to URL (Uniform Resource Locator) addresses. It was an era when different resources directories came into existence. For a long period of time directory were wildly used by people to find or to save useful resources but directories where having following issues.

It was not the permanent solution as many web directories were not known to audience.

Directories were not able to find the importance of each web page submitted and equal weighted was given to all the sites.

Directories with huge numbers of resources were not efficient as it may take time to find a useful resources amount all the listed websites.

Manual mode of operation was not proper for all the internet users.

To resolve these issues there was a need of particular research mechanism which can show relative WebPages in against of a find query. web are result of that particular need itself. Internet are basically query able data base management system. Where users are able to enter a particular key word in the find box and on find all related URL will be displayed to the user. The biggest advantage of any resource is that user does not need to enter the URL or some technical things they can just put what they are actually looking like football, games etc.

The method or technology search engines use to display their search results is known as search algorithm and different Search Engine Optimisation techniques try to make any web page friendlier with search engine algorithm. This is very important for any website owner to have proper knowledge of search engine optimization because more then 90 percent of total web traffic comes through search engines and importance of any web page being displayed on the first few results is quite high. Users do not like to mingle with all the search results displayed by any infect very few of searchers go beyond the first page.

In lay man language search engine optimization is about to make your web page appear in the first few results in the find results for a particular key word or search phrase. It is quite important to bring traffic to the site and to increase the business done by the site.

There are many technical aspects of any SEO campaign but you should not be worried about it at all. There are many seo services offering organizations who have an expertise in this field. While availing any seo services it is quite important that you must have an overview of the Search engine optimization in order to decide the quality performance of your contractor. Seo services include off page services, on page seo services, Content writing services and Social media optimization services. There are other methods of increasing traffic to your website like PPC and Google ad words. Seo service organizations also offer these services.</div>

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