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Leadership and Inspiration - For the Mlm Professional

Leadership and Inspiration - For the Networking Professional.

Establishing and expanding a Network of self employed business owners is a technique and art form in its own right. Leadership and Inspiration are valuable elements.

In most cases individuals will utilize one of two methods.

One, which is short term and insecure, is where the Leader (?) attempts to motivate the team through control:

"If you don't achieve a specific level, or if you don't attend a specific function etc then I won't work with you".

Now some individuals will be comfortable in an organisation operated in this way, yet the high quality people with healthy self-esteem, will not remain long.

The attraction of the Networking business resides in the probability of sacking the boss; there is very little desire to simply change one with another.

Almost always this sort of leadership may engender success in the short term, but unlikely to engineer long term sustainable distribution businesses.

One of the difficulties with outside motivation is that it is momentary; there without exception needs to be a person setting the parameters, enforcing externally driven targets and ensuring these targets are met.

This approach is usually adopted by Sales Managers in Corporate structures; an employee has little judgment other than to yield to the authority or leave, and the "Manager" can continually wield the stick in an endeavor to keep the numbers high.

Oftentimes challenges arise when people join the Network industry with this attitude and don't adjust it accordingly. A Network is nothing more than a community of like minded INDEPENDENT Business owners, working toward a common purpose. In this arena leadership and respect has to be earned.

Be that as it may, the second method and one more appropriate to the creation of long term , powerful, profitable organisations is by means of the inclusion of a training plan which engenders inspiration.

The only way to genuinely engage with a person is at the inspirational level, that is why the heart beat of the Network marketing industry is people- skills; we can only positively inspire people, not motivate them.

Another of the issues with outside stimulus is that it is transority, there is an external source, and unless this source is constantly forceful and setting the parameters, then Network expansion is very much like unplugging an electric fan from the power source- at first things seems fine , but gradually momentum is lost, the blades slow and in the end stop.

However, by means of employing a much wider view, and helping individuals dig down into their memories and draw up the goals, dreams and desires they had as children, dust them off and then engender the feeling and confidence into their psyche that they can positively acquire these inner- most desires builds an internal not external driver; a far more powerful force.

If you are to be the Leader in your Network, it is your duty to help new team members seek out their true motivations, what they really wish to achieve, for once you recognize distinctively what individuals want, and prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve it, all you need do is hold that vision out in front of them regularly.

irrespective of how big the stick, or how grave the threats, external motivation by way of coercion is a short term fix ; it will also repel the high quality people who hold healthy self images, and leave the team full with those who act out of fear.

This is not a sustainable long term plan, it is management not leadership.

Leaders lead, Managers manage process; it is indeed a shame the majority of "Sales Managers" misconstrue this principle.

Repeatedly, as soon as people take their eyes off their goal, they begin to stumble, notice the distractions in life and very soon slip out of the flow.

Though when the burn is strong, the focus clear, entwined with deep conviction, huge distribution channels can be built.

Lamentably many join the Mlm profession, assuming it is the value of the offering that will determine their success. In reality though the product /service has to be REASONABLE, it is the quality, leadership and people skills of the Leader and their coaching that is the essential component on the direction to success.

It is one thing to manufacture a network, it is absolutely another to sustain and build off it.

To lead a team of internally inspired, focused, hungry people is an art and it these individuals who will, and do, head the largest and most powerful businesses.

The WHY really is far more important than the HOW.

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