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How to Paint Semigloss Paint on Walls


    • 1). Measure the height and width of each wall, and then add all your measurements together. This provides the number of square feet that you must cover. Add 10 percent to this number for safety.

    • 2). Purchase high quality semi-gloss paint. Note the square footage that the paint can covers on the can. Have the sales person at the paint store thoroughly shake each can before you take them home.

    • 3). Remove furniture from the room, or pull all pieces to the center of the room away from the walls.

    • 4). Cover the floors and any remaining furniture with plastic drop cloths.

    • 5). Remove all switch plates and socket covers. Put them and their screws somewhere safe.

    • 6). Cover all trim, windows and areas that you want to protect with low-tack painters tape. Cover exposed electrical outlets with tape as well.

      Cover doorknobs and lighting fixtures with plastic bags, taping them in place.


    • 1). Pour semi-gloss paint into a 5-gallon bucket, filling it no more than halfway.

    • 2). Place a bucket screen into the bucket, hanging down from the bucket's lip.

    • 3). Attach a paint roller to a pole for easier painting.

    • 4). Dip the roller into the paint, then roll it against the screen to remove excess.

    • 5). Apply paint to the walls in an overlapping zig-zag pattern. Because semi-gloss paint is thinner than matte, apply a thin coat to prevent drips.

    • 6). Add additional paint to the roller when it runs out. Start a new zig-zag slightly further along the wall and work your way back to the first portion to blend the two together. Continue painting in this fashion until all walls are covered.

    • 7). Paint tighter areas such as window trim with a brush or small roller.

    • 8). Allow the paint to dry, then apply additional coats until you have built up the desired intensity.

    • 9). Remove all tape and protective coverings once the paint is completely dry.

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