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Instructions for Making Tiaras

    • 1). Snip a 9-inch length of wire from the roll, and then a 4-inch length of wire.

    • 2). Twist one of the ends of the 4-inch wire around the very center of the 9-inch length of wire.

    • 3). Slide as many rhinestone beads as you can fit down the length of the 4-inch wire. The beads will rest at the base of the intersecting wire.

    • 4). Bend the end of the bead-encrusted wire and wrap it firmly directly beside the other wrapped end.

    • 5). Slide as many beads as you can from each end of the intersecting 9-inch length of wire. Make sure no wire is exposed at either side. Secure the ends of the wire length by bending them over the end beads.

    • 6). Hold each end of the 9-inch length of wire in each hand and center the looped center at your forehead. Wrap the ends of the wire around your head to allow the wire to form the shape.

    • 7). Squeeze a thin line of hot glue along the outer ridge of one of the hair combs. Make sure the glue line is located near the top edge of the comb. Repeat with the second comb.

    • 8). Adhere each end of the 9-inch length of beaded wire to each glued comb.

    • 9). Allow the rhinestone beaded tiara about an hour to dry before placing atop your head.

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