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How to Make a Free Photo Slideshow

If you have a PC with Windows, or a Mac, you probably already have the programs necessary on your computer to make your own photo slideshow for free. MovieMaker and iMovie are both free downloads on the Windows and Apple official websites. Both programs allow you to take your photos from special eve

Acceptance Testing - An Overview

Acceptance testing is normally the responsibility of the intended customer of the software under development. The testing is typically performed prior to the customer officially accepting the software product. The aim of this type of testing is not actually to find defects, but to provide a level of

How to Make a Buffer in C++

In C++, programmers use data buffers to temporarily store data that will be used by different functions in the program. On a hardware level, creating this buffer causes the computer to dedicate a specific portion of the computer's memory to hold this data for the program. Making this buffer requires