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Homemade PVC Projects

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PVC pipe's low-cost and lightweight, durable composition make it an ideal medium for more than just basic plumbing repairs. From the business executive in need of desk organization strategies to the hunter trying to keep shooting skills sharp during the off-season, you can combine PVC pipes and conn

How to Make a Laminate Bow

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Making any type of curved wood object is much easier done through lamination of many thin pieces of wood. Bending solid wood is almost impossible. But bending thin pieces of wood is much easier. Lamination involves gluing together many thin layers of wood to create large bends with the strength of s

Lazarus Bible Craft

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While many children grow restless during Sunday school lessons on scriptures and Bible stories, craft activities are a fun, engaging way to get the kids involved. Bible crafts can supplement a specific story or scripture and provide the children with hands-on learning experiences. Have your children