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Growing Bamboo Trees

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Bamboo is a fast growing tree that makes a good screen for privacy and adds a tropical appeal to any landscape. It can be grown in a large area or a small spot, but will spread quickly and can be hard to control. Growing bamboo in containers is useful to prevent the annoyance of having bamboo taking

Golden Cypress Shrubs

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Golden cypress shrubs belong to the family Cupressaceae as distinct cultivars featuring yellow foliage. These evergreens are grown specifically for their coloring, adding variety and interest to a landscape design. Suitable for small lots, gardeners use golden cypress shrubs as background plants, bo

Topsoil Grades

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All grades of topsoil are available in bulk or bags.preparing soil for garden image by Cherry-Merry from Fotolia.comTopsoil is the top layer of the soil, and it should be nutrient-rich and high in organic matter. You may already have rich, natural topsoil ready for planting, but if you...